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Hyper-efficient conversion of power to data in 4 steps

High density data centers use electricity more efficiently, but they also tend to be busier – increasing total electric consumption. Further, according to Jim Shanahan (head of ABB’s Global Data Center business) in a recently published article (see link and … read more

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New ideas and solutions for data centers shared at ABB Automation & Power World

Fresh from the recent ABB’s Data Center ebulletin by ABB US we would like to share two presentation with the readers of our blog. From these slides one can learn valuable ideas and practical solutions for making your data center(s) more efficient … read more

White paper: The application of economy-mode in ICT UPS systems

In the pursuit of higher energy efficiency, particularly in the rapid growth sector of data centres and ICT microprocessor loads, the utilisation of high-efficiency, or “eco-mode”, UPS is a growing topic for debate. The fundamental question surrounds the risks, perceived … read more

Recommended Whitepaper: Five Steps to creating a more flexible Data Center

Building a data center for scalability involves more than having enough real estate for a future build out. This is just one of the advices, that the recently published Whitepaper titled “Five Steps to creating a more flexible Data Center” … read more

Recommended reading: An executive guide to Total Cost Of Ownership

TCO means total cost of ownership and equals the full cost of a solution during its lifetime including the cost of purchase, maintenance, support, energy consumed and disposal. In the recent years, the cost of energy has been affecting TCO … read more

Calculating the cost effects of right-sizing modular UPS

As we pointed out in a recent article, “modular UPS lays the foundation for right-sizing. The infrastructure of a data centre can be correctly sized from the outset and can then grow over its lifetime as a function of increasing … read more