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ABB UPS technology going underground in Finland

A case study on providing UPS technology to Ficolo’s 8,500 square meter underground data center in Ulvila. Finland has an affordable, stable and secure electricity supply, as well as a safe, predictable political climate. Along with favorable legislation, this makes Finland … read more

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How UPS efficiency can boost PUE

In a recently published article Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, a Kohler company, looks at the significance of PUE and how modern UPS topology can help to improve it. “PUE provides a useful comparative indicator that can … read more

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Paper: How sustainability can co-exist with profitability in data centers

The world-wide appetite for data is rapidly increasing. Annual data creation is predicted to increase 50-fold from 2010 to 2020, which equals 40 zettabytes (one sextillion bytes of data) per year in 2020. This rapid expansion in data demand will … read more

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Why modular UPS are the best choice for cloud service providers

Cloud computing involves the delivery of on-demand resources through a computer network — typically over the Internet — permitting a separation between a user’s computer and the actual resources they use. In essence, cloud computing delivers computing as a service … read more

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Latest issue of ABB Power is out now

Highlights in the latest edition of the power protection magazine of the ABB Group include a case study for Conceptpower DPA 500 uninterruptible power supply for the stock exchange datacenter in Taiwan and a report on our eco-friendly UPS testing … read more

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Whitepaper: „DCIM: The enabling technology for smart grid in the data center“

Conflicting goals, such as higher quality and lower costs, are prevalent in many industries. The data center industry faces the seemingly contradictory goals of increasing computing power while decreasing demand for electricity in the face of steadily increasing cost of … read more

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