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Green Grid White Paper: UPS Savings with Eco Mode

The energy-saving UPS configuration known as “eco mode” has become a viable option to help increase energy efficiency and save costs in the data center, according to The Green Grid, which offers some useful recommendations on implemention in a recently … read more

Podcast: How to make energy-efficient data centers

Money is tight for many businesses, but demands on infrastructure just keep increasing. The Green Grid, a non-profit energy-efficiency group, hopes to help ease the burden with an environmentally friendly approach to data center resource management. In the following podcast provided … read more

Power Usage Effectiveness In Action: Case Study About eBay’s New Data Center

While lowering the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of a data center does lower its overall energy consumption and therefore the energy bill, a facility with a PUE of 1 (the current Holy Grail of facility efficiency) can rarely be … read more

New Recommendations for Measuring and Reporting Overall Data Center Efficiency

The Green Grid recently published its final volume of guidelines for applying the power usage effectiveness (PUE) metric. It includes recommendations for how to measure and calculate PUE in mixed-use data center facilities. The association says that this standard methodology … read more