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Survey about the importance of reliable maintenance and support services

Our business partners in UK, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, a Kohler company, recently conducted a industry survey questioning 2000 IT professionals about their needs. The most significant findings were the following: Over 91 percent of data centre professionals believe that … read more

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Recommended reading: “Uncommon common-sense” by Uptime Institute’s Ken Brill

Kenneth G. Brill is the Founder of the Uptime Institute and the Site Uptime Network. Brill was involved in many data center industry innovations over the past 25 years, including the industry’s Tier system for evaluating and classifying data center … read more

Video series: Ian Bitterlin shares his insights on UPS and data centers

Dr Ian F Bitterlin is Chief Technology Officer for Ark Continuity Limited. Recognised as an expert mechanical and electrical engineer, he has produced a number of white paper data center studies and is widely acknowledged as a leading figure at … read more

UPS: from power protection to energy storage system

When we think about UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supllies), we still think about power protection devices. But as Robin Koffler, general manger of Riello UPS, points out in an article at Electrical Review, UPS are increasingly used as energy storage devices. … read more

Three reasons, why energy efficiency is a good business

Over the next decade, increased power efficiency will be a strong issue. The cost of electricity is set only to increase, and national governments are beginning to pass legislation that will make energy efficiency a requirement. So it is right … read more

Report: UPS Will Provide A Key Element in Green IT Efforts

As green IT becomes an important goal for many vendors and users, UPS systems that can fit into and augment existing IT infrastructures to support the vendors’ overall green IT objectives will see increased demand, according to a new report … read more