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Be prepared: How to select your UPS power protection appropriate to your ICT installation’s criticality

Power outages seem very unusual in West European countries. We are always on, the infrastructure is running, we do not expect any power cuts. But still, the risk remains. And if a company experiences a blackout, not only the ICT … read more

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Report: Growth in Data Center Construction Market is led by UPS segment

The digital revolution is producing an enormous growth in data volumes. It is obvious that this has triggered an increase in the need for construction and renovation of data centers worldwide as well. A recently released report covers the present … read more

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Recommended reading: „Powering the railways with Reliable UPS“

Power disruptions in rail networks are not a mere inconvenience, they can also pose serious hazards to public health and safety. How ABB’s UPS help to make the rail networks both safe and prompt, is described in a recently published … read more

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The role of the static switch in supplying continuous power under all conditions

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) support critical loads by using stored energy during mains power blackouts. But they must also offer protection from electrical noise, spikes and surges as well as overloads and possibly even failures within themselves. In a recently … read more

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Video: ‪ABB solves Volico Data Centers’ need for rightsizing and easy scalability‬

Volico Data Centers’ owner and director of operations, Gadi Hus, built his center with a pay-as-we-grow concept in mind. But when it came time to grow, it was a no-go because his UPS didn’t have the needed flexibility and scalability. … read more

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Data center managers in search of the perfect UPS

“Data center managers long for the trifecta of perfect data center power: 100% available, noise-free, no UPS losses – and they’re getting closer”, Joergen Madsen, Director of Business Development for ABB Power Protection writes in an article at ABB Conversations. … read more

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