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Be prepared: How to select your UPS power protection appropriate to your ICT installation’s criticality

Power outages seem very unusual in West European countries. We are always on, the infrastructure is running, we do not expect any power cuts. But still, the risk remains. And if a company experiences a blackout, not only the ICT … read more

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Recommended reading: „Powering the railways with Reliable UPS“

Power disruptions in rail networks are not a mere inconvenience, they can also pose serious hazards to public health and safety. How ABB’s UPS help to make the rail networks both safe and prompt, is described in a recently published … read more

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Video: ‪ABB solves Volico Data Centers’ need for rightsizing and easy scalability‬

Volico Data Centers’ owner and director of operations, Gadi Hus, built his center with a pay-as-we-grow concept in mind. But when it came time to grow, it was a no-go because his UPS didn’t have the needed flexibility and scalability. … read more

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US data center market: biggest growth is expected for rackmount UPS systems

According to the latest market research study released by Technavio, the data center UPS market in the US is expected to generate USD 1.5 billion, growing at a CAGR of over 4% during the forecast period. This research report titled … read more

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How to be prepared for future regulations for UPS in the European Union

The world‘s data center electricity consumption has reached 3% of the total, and that share is growing. UPSs create one of the largest power losses within data centers. Accordingly the European Commission is introducing legislation to reduce UPSs’ environmental impact … read more

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Available now: Second issue of “Power”-Magazine for 2015

This new issue of digital magazine “Power” covers a range of UPS and power conditioning articles, and highlight events ABB power protection has participated in this year. Highlights include: Soaring to new levels: DPA 500 UPS providing back-up power to … read more

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