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UPS For The Data Center: What’s Behind Eco-mode

Many new UPS systems like Newave’s have an operating mode called “eco-mode”. Eco-mode describes a method of operating the UPS at reduced power protection in order to obtain improved electrical efficiency and save energy. Nevertheless, surveys show that most of … read more

Best Practice: Upgrading a data center’s UPS system

US-Web hosting provider Online Tech recently upgraded its UPS units at the company’s 32,500 square-foot data center in Flint, Michigan. In an interview with the Web Host Industry Review, Online Tech director of operations Jason Yaeger shares the knowledge he … read more

New White Paper: DPA vs CPA. How to avoid downgrading your UPS system availability when selecting a modular UPS

Customers must take great care when selecting a modular UPS because not all modular UPS systems are the same. There are two methods that can be used to parallel UPS: “Decentralised” parallel architecture (DPA) and “centralised” parallel architecture (CPA). The … read more