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New standards by the U.S. Department of Energy suggest how to improve UPS energy efficiency

At the end of December the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has issued the first-ever energy efficiency standards for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). According to the DOE, the new UPS standards will mean 87 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity saved over the … read more

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How to be prepared for future regulations for UPS in the European Union

The world‘s data center electricity consumption has reached 3% of the total, and that share is growing. UPSs create one of the largest power losses within data centers. Accordingly the European Commission is introducing legislation to reduce UPSs’ environmental impact … read more

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White paper: The application of economy-mode in ICT UPS systems

In the pursuit of higher energy efficiency, particularly in the rapid growth sector of data centres and ICT microprocessor loads, the utilisation of high-efficiency, or “eco-mode”, UPS is a growing topic for debate. The fundamental question surrounds the risks, perceived … read more

How to optimize availability with common UPS tests

Data center downtime can cost a lot of money. As we have shown in another article already, UPS related failure can be the most costly. There are many strategies to prevent this, e.g. an effective preventive maintenance plan to ensure … read more

Rightsizing and cost saving with modular UPS

Data centers need power.  And, as the adoption of online services, mobile apps and cloud services is growing with a fast pace, the demand for power is growing too. Coupled with rising energy prices, this trend is creating impetus to … read more

Best Practices for Increasing Efficiency and Availability in The Enterprise Data Cente

In a recently published Whitepaper Emerson Network Power collected seven seven best practices for increasing efficiency, availability and capacity in the data center. The paper can be downloaded via Emersons Website. Among them are very good recommendations, especially those concerning … read more