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How UPS efficiency can boost PUE

In a recently published article Alan Luscombe, Director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd, a Kohler company, looks at the significance of PUE and how modern UPS topology can help to improve it. “PUE provides a useful comparative indicator that can … read more

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Four trends shaping Data Centers of tomorrow

When the use of technology changes, so does the infrastructure change that supports it. For example, the rapidly growing mobile internet use constantly challenges data centers to keep up with technology and design for the new demands. Jackson Metcalf, mission … read more

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How to use DCIE (Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency) metrics to calculate your data center’s energy efficiency

To control the energy efficiency of your data center you need to get a broad understanding of how the data center uses the energy. The best way to do this is to use energy efficiency metrics. One of the most … read more

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ABB’s new Power magazine is now released an available for download

Read all about ABB’s UPS offering for data centers and other important industrial processes. Featured in this issue, ABB provide a power protection solution for Sensirion, improving the power supply by 100 percent. Read it now! Want to subscribe, to … read more

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What’s behind DCEM, the new data center energy management in Europe?

Now there’s again a new standard for data centre efficiency measurement. It is called DCEM, which has come from ETSI (The European Telecommunications Standards Institute). The standard was published by ETSI in June after two years’ discussion within a French … read more

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Whitepaper: New concepts in the management of data center infrastructure

When considering the value of a data center infrastructure management system (DCIM), it may be helpful to consider that the primary function a data center is to convert power into transactions and in the process, generate a lot of data … read more

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