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What’s behind DCEM, the new data center energy management in Europe?

Now there’s again a new standard for data centre efficiency measurement. It is called DCEM, which has come from ETSI (The European Telecommunications Standards Institute). The standard was published by ETSI in June after two years’ discussion within a French … read more

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Report: Growth of unorganized players is mayor challenge for organized players in the global UPS market

Despite witnessing decline in 2009, the UPS market has rebounded, globally, over the last four years, states a newly released report by TechSci Research („Global UPS Market Forecast and Opportunities, 2019“) Widening energy demand-supply gap, particularly in the APAC region, … read more

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Whitepaper: New concepts in the management of data center infrastructure

When considering the value of a data center infrastructure management system (DCIM), it may be helpful to consider that the primary function a data center is to convert power into transactions and in the process, generate a lot of data … read more

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Does energy efficiency drive data center decisions – what data center professionals say about this issue

Wendy Schuchart, technology journalist with more than a decade experience in enterprise IT, recently summed up the highlights of debate, some data center experts had on the „Data Center Professionals“ group on LinkedIn. (Group») They asked themselves, if energy efficiency … read more

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The data center industry is getting better at using power

With a 19% increase in the amount of electricity consumed globally by data centers between 2011 and 2012, there  was an increased focus on the data center industry from the media, public and government bodies, all concerned about its use … read more

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Beyond PUE: Data center sustainabiltiy metrics explained

When it comes to data center sustainability, you’ll often hear about PUE (power usage effectiveness). PUE has been originally developed by the Green Grid and is called “The Holy Grail” of data center metrics since then. PUE is the ratio … read more

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