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ABB UPS technology going underground in Finland

A case study on providing UPS technology to Ficolo’s 8,500 square meter underground data center in Ulvila. Finland has an affordable, stable and secure electricity supply, as well as a safe, predictable political climate. Along with favorable legislation, this makes Finland … read more

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Big is beautiful: Read the latest ABB “Power” magazine out now!

In this edition of “Power”, the editors take a closer look at large data centers. The main feature article introduces some of the technical trends for these facilities. Within ABB Power Protection, there is a wide range of products available … read more

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Measuring the cost of data center reliability

There have been many studies conducted and statistics gathered on the cost of data center outages. A recent study by the Ponemon Institute in December 2013 calculated the average cost of an outage incident at $626,418. The takeaway for data … read more

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The DPA way – Why decentralized parallel architecture increases UPS availability and lowers cost of ownership

The fact that an enterprise installs an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the first place shows they are concerned that their critical load is assured a continuous source of clean power. Once the UPS is installed, however, it itself becomes … read more

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How to select a UPS installation appropriate to the site’s criticality and power requirement

Many Organisations rely on their IT infrastructure for their daily operations and strategic decisions. All of the data processing equipment and the network hardware that allows it to communicate, must be driven by clean, uninterrupted power at all operational times. … read more

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White paper: The application of economy-mode in ICT UPS systems

In the pursuit of higher energy efficiency, particularly in the rapid growth sector of data centres and ICT microprocessor loads, the utilisation of high-efficiency, or “eco-mode”, UPS is a growing topic for debate. The fundamental question surrounds the risks, perceived … read more