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Measuring the cost of data center reliability

There have been many studies conducted and statistics gathered on the cost of data center outages. A recent study by the Ponemon Institute in December 2013 calculated the average cost of an outage incident at $626,418. The takeaway for data … read more

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Leading causes of data center outages – and how to prevent them

In a recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 95% of data center operators surveyed admitted to experiencing an unplanned outage in the last 24 months. Of those outages, respondents indicated that a full 80% could have been prevented. Data … read more

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How to select a UPS installation appropriate to the site’s criticality and power requirement

Many Organisations rely on their IT infrastructure for their daily operations and strategic decisions. All of the data processing equipment and the network hardware that allows it to communicate, must be driven by clean, uninterrupted power at all operational times. … read more

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The Importance of UPS: Power Outages are not the only events that can damage your business

Last week a power outage that lasted about 30 seconds delayed about 300 US Airways flights. A key element of the airline′s backup power system was undergoing maintenance when commercial power went out near one of its Phoenix data centers. Because … read more

Understanding the Cost of Data Center Downtime: UPS related failure proved to be the most costly

Emerson Network Power recently released a white paper about the bottom line cots of data center downtime. The report, entitled “Understanding the Cost of Data Center Downtime: An Analysis of the Financial Impact of Infrastructure Vulnerability”, analyzed costs at 41 … read more