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Three reasons, why energy efficiency is a good business

Over the next decade, increased power efficiency will be a strong issue. The cost of electricity is set only to increase, and national governments are beginning to pass legislation that will make energy efficiency a requirement. So it is right … read more

New Report on Green Data Centers

Today’s data center industry is estimated to consume around 1.5% of the world’s energy. The net result is that the industry is undergoing a sea change as it struggles to keep energy demand in check while concurrently growing.  Pike Research … read more

Green approach to data denters: energy-efficient uninterruptible power supplies reduce power consumption (Report)

In the 2012 Energy Efficient IT Report published by technology firm CDW, some 54 percent of respondents said they have or are developing programs to manage power demand in their data centers. Of those organizations that have programs, 75 percent … read more

10 Common Data Center Surprises

At AFCOM Data Center World Spring, Emerson Network Power released a list of 10 common surprises for data center and IT managers. The list was provided to help IT professionals better anticipate these issues and prepare them with the appropriate … read more

Data center power challenge, resolved

UPS (uninterruptible power supply) units are critical to keeping your data center up and running, but how should you choose among all the configuration options? The first step is to determine your goals and requirements for your facility, then to … read more

Report: UPS Will Provide A Key Element in Green IT Efforts

As green IT becomes an important goal for many vendors and users, UPS systems that can fit into and augment existing IT infrastructures to support the vendors’ overall green IT objectives will see increased demand, according to a new report … read more