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Google and Open Compute Project: What’s behind the energy efficency of it’s 48V rack power distribution

Google recently announced that it is joining the Open Compute Project (OCP), a five-year-old project founded by Facebook and a number of other companies that aims to drive IT infrastructure development forward through open source hardware. As part of this … read more

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How to power your cloud

A few days ago Google released its new service “Google Drive” to the general public. It stores your documents and files in the cloud – like many other services on the market. And it is one step further in the … read more

New Power-Saving Technologies: Global Data Centers’ Power Use Less Than Expected

According to an independent report on data center power use from 2005 to 2010, data centers’ demand for electricity has been slowed down by the global recession and by a combination of new power-saving technologies. In the period studied, more … read more

Energy Efficency: The Key To Success

According to a report by independent analyst firm Verdantix, energy and environmental performance metrics, and the communication of efforts in these areas, will help major telecoms win contracts in Europe in the future. However, not only in this business sustainability … read more