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Borrowing best practices to reduce human errors and outages

In a world that is always on, in which speed of service is expected and memory capacity is taken for granted, the “cost” of outages is rapidly rising for data center providers. According to the Uptime Institute’s Abnormal Incidents Reports … read more

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Power Equipment: Why 1 Percent Energy Efficiency Matters

Energy is certainly one of those critical TCO variables, as data centers are significant consumers of energy. According to an Uptime Institute Survey, servers and data equipment account for 55 percent of the energy used by a data center, followed … read more

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White paper: The application of economy-mode in ICT UPS systems

In the pursuit of higher energy efficiency, particularly in the rapid growth sector of data centres and ICT microprocessor loads, the utilisation of high-efficiency, or “eco-mode”, UPS is a growing topic for debate. The fundamental question surrounds the risks, perceived … read more

Green Grid White Paper: UPS Savings with Eco Mode

The energy-saving UPS configuration known as “eco mode” has become a viable option to help increase energy efficiency and save costs in the data center, according to The Green Grid, which offers some useful recommendations on implemention in a recently … read more

UPS For The Data Center: What’s Behind Eco-mode

Many new UPS systems like Newave’s have an operating mode called “eco-mode”. Eco-mode describes a method of operating the UPS at reduced power protection in order to obtain improved electrical efficiency and save energy. Nevertheless, surveys show that most of … read more