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Outlook: What Tomorrow’s Data Ceners May Look Like

On Gartner’s Data Center summit, recently held in London, David Cappucino, managing vice president and chief of research for Gartner’s infrastructure teams held a keynote about the future of data centers from his analyst’s point of view. Over the next … read more

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Optimizing your UPS infrastructure for cloud computing

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Five years ago Amazon announced its Elastic Compute Cloud beta (EC2), which may well have been the first service to call itself a cloud. Today the cloud computing term is so often used that it seems like it’s been around … read more

UPS For The Data Center: What’s Behind Eco-mode

Many new UPS systems like Newave’s have an operating mode called “eco-mode”. Eco-mode describes a method of operating the UPS at reduced power protection in order to obtain improved electrical efficiency and save energy. Nevertheless, surveys show that most of … read more

How UPS helps to Achieve Data Security within a Server Infrastructure for Cloud Computing

With the Obama Administration and the UK Government turning to Cloud Computing to cut costs in 2011, the provision of computational resources on demand via a network is still a global trend. The costs of cloud computing are hard to … read more