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Top 5 trends driving DCIM adoption

The approach to energy is becoming significantly more strategic to data centers and the enterprises they support. The same innovations being applied to the smart grid and to mission-critical industrial plants are finding their way into data centers. The challenge … read more

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Whitepaper: „DCIM: The enabling technology for smart grid in the data center“

Conflicting goals, such as higher quality and lower costs, are prevalent in many industries. The data center industry faces the seemingly contradictory goals of increasing computing power while decreasing demand for electricity in the face of steadily increasing cost of … read more

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New Report about Data Center Energy and Infrastructure Management

Data centers around the world are important economic hubs for all forms of businesses. This is driving significant growth in the need for data center capacity, and businesses are scrambling to keep pace. As data centers’ importance and capacity have … read more

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Video & White Paper: Four approaches to better data center availability

In this Video by ABB North America you can learn how facility managers are finding increased efficiency from Data Center Infrastructure Management software that combines all center control systems within a single unified interface. In this context, we also recommend … read more

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