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Global UPS market predictions: leaders ready for acquisitions, niche players seeing strong success

The global UPS market will grow by US$ billion in 2011, as compared to last year, market research firm Pike Research predicts in a recently published report (“Next Generation Uninterruptible Power Supplies”): “The expansion of the worldwide UPS market is … read more

New Power-Saving Technologies: Global Data Centers’ Power Use Less Than Expected

According to an independent report on data center power use from 2005 to 2010, data centers’ demand for electricity has been slowed down by the global recession and by a combination of new power-saving technologies. In the period studied, more … read more

UPS For The Data Center: What’s Behind Eco-mode

Many new UPS systems like Newave’s have an operating mode called “eco-mode”. Eco-mode describes a method of operating the UPS at reduced power protection in order to obtain improved electrical efficiency and save energy. Nevertheless, surveys show that most of … read more

Choosing The Perfect Modular UPS-Systems: Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

Choosing the best UPS-system for your needs can be tricky. As pointed out in a recently published Whitepaper by Newave, it is not so easy to separate the wheat from the chaff – even for a specialist: “If you look … read more

Understanding the Cost of Data Center Downtime: UPS related failure proved to be the most costly

Emerson Network Power recently released a white paper about the bottom line cots of data center downtime. The report, entitled “Understanding the Cost of Data Center Downtime: An Analysis of the Financial Impact of Infrastructure Vulnerability”, analyzed costs at 41 … read more

Modular UPS Systems Provide Long Term Cost Savings

Most businesses rely on digital information to conduct day-to-day business. Even a brief electric outage may costs a company a fortuneevery company something. By turning to power protection products, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), companies can save lots of … read more