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Insights: “The State Of Data Center Revolution”

Rising amounts of data create such constant demands that most executives feel some of their organizations’ data centers will run out of power, cooling, or space by the end of 2014, according to a study by Siemens, UBM Tech and … read more

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Podcast: How to make energy-efficient data centers

Money is tight for many businesses, but demands on infrastructure just keep increasing. The Green Grid, a non-profit energy-efficiency group, hopes to help ease the burden with an environmentally friendly approach to data center resource management. In the following podcast provided … read more

Video series: Ian Bitterlin shares his insights on UPS and data centers

Dr Ian F Bitterlin is Chief Technology Officer for Ark Continuity Limited. Recognised as an expert mechanical and electrical engineer, he has produced a number of white paper data center studies and is widely acknowledged as a leading figure at … read more

Three reasons, why energy efficiency is a good business

Over the next decade, increased power efficiency will be a strong issue. The cost of electricity is set only to increase, and national governments are beginning to pass legislation that will make energy efficiency a requirement. So it is right … read more

Rightsizing and cost saving with modular UPS

Data centers need power.  And, as the adoption of online services, mobile apps and cloud services is growing with a fast pace, the demand for power is growing too. Coupled with rising energy prices, this trend is creating impetus to … read more

New Report on Green Data Centers

Today’s data center industry is estimated to consume around 1.5% of the world’s energy. The net result is that the industry is undergoing a sea change as it struggles to keep energy demand in check while concurrently growing.  Pike Research … read more