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Why modular UPS are the best choice for cloud service providers

Cloud computing involves the delivery of on-demand resources through a computer network — typically over the Internet — permitting a separation between a user’s computer and the actual resources they use. In essence, cloud computing delivers computing as a service … read more

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Virtualization and it’s implications for power supply

We have often blogged about cloud computing in recent months, but the cloud is not the only buzzword in the datacenter and power industry right now. The other one is: virtualization. In a general definition virtualization enhances flexibility and agility … read more

New Report: Wider Deployment of Cloud Computing Makes a Case for UPS Installation in the Asia Pacific

A new analysis from Frost & Sullivan on the Asia-Pacific UPS market finds that the market earned revenues of US$1.46 billion in 2011 and estimates this to reach US$2.03 billion in 2017. From the press release: “Several public and private … read more

Why UPS vendors should care about cloud computing

One question often discussed, is why UPS providers should pay attention to the cloud? Superficially, the reasons for this discussion are quite obvious: A data center is still a data center. And power protection is still power protection. So it … read more

How to power your cloud

A few days ago Google released its new service “Google Drive” to the general public. It stores your documents and files in the cloud – like many other services on the market. And it is one step further in the … read more

Optimizing your UPS infrastructure for cloud computing

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Five years ago Amazon announced its Elastic Compute Cloud beta (EC2), which may well have been the first service to call itself a cloud. Today the cloud computing term is so often used that it seems like it’s been around … read more