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Survey: DCIM has penetrated only half of the data center market

A recently published survey by Intel and Dell has found that almost half of IT managers have little about what is happening under the hoods of their data centers: Only 53 percent use data center infrastructure management (DCIM) systems, which … read more

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Recommended reading: The upside & downside of dual bus power

UPS Ltd has released a white paper that provides a in-depth analysis of dual bus power, considering its history, growth and purpose. Based on research from The Uptime Institute, the paper reviews the major upsides of dual bus power; enhanced … read more

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Use Case: Energy for the energy drink

HELL energy drinks is a market leader in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Azerbaijan, and available in a further 40 countries. The drinks are canned in the company’s plant in Szikszó, Hungary, where around 300 million cans of energy drink … read more

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How latest modular UPS technology boosts data center efficiency and flexibility

With the intensifying demand for space, power and cost containment in their facilities, today’s data center owners and operators have turned to modular designs to gain the flexibility and cost efficiencies they need. Modular UPS units have become popular as … read more

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How to be prepared for future regulations for UPS in the European Union

The world‘s data center electricity consumption has reached 3% of the total, and that share is growing. UPSs create one of the largest power losses within data centers. Accordingly the European Commission is introducing legislation to reduce UPSs’ environmental impact … read more

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Green UPS market: Vague definition – good prospects

With worldwide increasing concern of environment, energy-saving is not only a matter of cost-savings but also a social responsibility. With the advent of cloud computing, significant impact will be there on the IT industry. As power and cooling consumes maximum … read more

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