ABB provides critical elastic infrastructure solutions for Serverius data center, Netherlands

ABB has been chosen by Serverius, one of the largest data center providers in the Netherlands, to modernize its data center, delivering greater efficiency, reliability and quality.

Central to the new power infrastructure is ABB’s TriLine distribution system, a proven solution that combines reliability and quality with safety. The system will be combined with a large number of redundant DPA 500 UPS systems.

With its own IP network and a global customer base, Serverius operates two data centers located between the largest internet backbones of Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Having experienced rapid growth over recent years, Serverius decided to modernize its data center in Meppel, ensuring that it is fully equipped for further expansion and to meet the ever-increasing demands of its customers.

The renovation project is aimed at minimizing downtime for existing customers and achieving a higher level of quality. For this purpose, the data center is carried out completely redundantly – from the grid operator’s incoming power supply to the final racks in the data floor.

ABB’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field of data centers played an important role in the selection, as Alfred van den Berg, Head of Technical Infrastructure at Serverius explains: “In addition to high-quality products, we can also make use of their international know-how. The execution of the entire project – from project management to final delivery has been entrusted to the ABB Benelux Data Center team.”

Central to the new power infrastructure is ABB’s TriLine distribution system, a proven solution that combines reliability and quality with safety. The system will be combined with a large number of redundant DPA 500 UPS systems, thus optimizing the availability of the power supply. One module will be used as an additional ‘safety system’ while the total installed UPS capacity of this 2N+1 solution will equal 1 MW.

Ciaran Flanagan, head of ABB’s Global Data Center business, commented: “We are very proud to be working with such a leading data center provider. We understand that intelligent data needs intelligent power and at ABB we focus on delivering the most flexible, reliable and intelligent data center solutions for our customers, ensuring their businesses run efficiently and safely 24 hours a day.”



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Recommended reading: UPS terminology 101

To understand how uninterruptible power supplies work, you need to know a few things about important concepts and topologies. In a recently launched article series on DatacenterDynamics, Alan Luscombe, director at Uninterruptible Supplies Ltd, shares short explanations of the most relevant UPS teminology.

In the first article he explains why nearly all data centers use online UPS topologies. In the second part of his series Alan explores why static, double-conversion online UPSs today invariably use transformerless technology.

“Its key advantage is efficiency, which increases by around five percent, with improvement across the entire load spectrum. This substantially reduces both electricity and cooling expenditure. Transformerless designs also yield a higher input power factor, which remains near unity with minimal load dependence. Input current magnitudes, and therefore cabling and switchgear sizing, are reduced. This sometimes cuts electricity costs.

In addition, the total input current harmonic distortion (THDi) in three-phase UPSs reduces from around 30 percent to below three percent through transformerless technology. Limiting harmonic emissions contributes considerably to meeting the Energy Networks Association G5/4-1 recommendations concerning satisfactory operation of the electricity supply system with connected equipment, through EMC compatibility.

Transformerless topology also has physical benefits, bringing profound changes to the UPS industry. Eliminating the transformer and the 12-pulse rectifier previously required considerably reduces both size and weight. The total system footprint is more than halved, while weight is cut by about three-quarters. Such reductions mean that UPSs become rack-mounting modules rather than monolithic floor-standing units.”


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ABB launches front access Cyberex® SuperSwitch® 4 digital static transfer switch

208V and 480V SuperSwitch®4 digital static transfer switches (DSTS) offer improved Data Center power quality detection, reliability, and serviceability.

ABB has improved upon the Cyberex® SuperSwitch®4 DSTS product line with new designs for 200A, 250A, and 400A requiring front access only for installation, operation, and maintenance. Building on the 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing DSTS systems, the new front access SuperSwitch®4 design will continue to redefine power reliability and safety for Data Centers with its user-friendly interface, improved serviceability, and best in class performance.

The front access SuperSwitch®4 models perfectly balance both safety and accessibility concerns with further compartmentalization between the input/output connections, molded case switches, and logic components while ensuring installation can be conducted via the front of the unit only. Preserving its innovative 10.4” LED color touch screen display, intuitive software-guided bypass features and externally accessible customer USB connection, the new front access SuperSwitch®4 models also include an isolated UIB compartment for customer connections that is centrally located at the top of the unit, and can be accessed either from the front or the top. By eliminating the side clearance requirement for installation or thermal scanning of breaker connections, the front access SuperSwitch®4 design also effectively reduces the required floor space by 30 percent, thus allowing customers the ability to fully optimize the usage of valuable white space.

The SuperSwitch®4 is designed with a ‘true’ fault-tolerant architecture, ensuring there is truly no single point of failure by utilizing patented transfer algorithms and robust electrical components. It boasts improved power quality detection that is immune to harmonics and load imbalance between the phases.

In applications with downstream transformers, the SuperSwitch®4 limits potential high transient inrush currents using state of the art digital signal processors and a newly developed algorithm called Real Time Flux Control™ for dynamic inrush restraint (DIR). The results of this innovative approach are out of phase transfers up to 25 percent faster and inrush currents that are 40 percent lower than the SuperSwitch®3. This intelligent proprietary technology ensures performance that exceeds CBEMA and ITIC standards, regardless of phase drift between sources.

The Cyberex® SuperSwitch®4 is part of ABB’s broad range of products and integrated solutions that ensure data centers operate with optimum reliability and efficiency. From power distribution systems to enterprise management and grid connections, ABB provides savings in installation, energy, space and maintenance.


Download (PDF, 10KB)

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Global UPS Market will Reach USD 9,881.9 Million by 2025

A report by Transparency Market Research envisages the global UPS market to peg a CAGR of 7.5% between 2017 and 2025, for the market to become worth US$9,881.9 mn by the end of 2025 from US$5,201.9 mn in 2016.

Majorly fuelling the global UPS market is the increasing frequency of power fluctuations and growth in the number of data centers and cloud storage utilization capacity. Natural causes, short circuits as well as manmade outages are the some of the key factors for power fluctuations that can cause equipment degradation over a period or instantaneous loss of data stored on the equipment. This necessitates power backup, especially in emerging economies that do not have reliable energy infrastructure.

At present, expansion of wireless internet connectivity and the incessant penetration of smartphones have led to generation of massive volumes of data thus leading to the need for mega capacity data centers. Data centers require continuous power supply to protect operational data, IT equipment and to keep cooling systems running.

Emerging economies such as China and India have emerged as preferred destinations for setting up data centers due to the advantage of reliable infrastructure at low costs.  Global mobile service providers are constructing mega capacity data centers in these destinations to manage rapidly-increasing data traffic. As a result, Asia Pacific is emerging to be a key market for UPS for power backup needs of these establishments.

Lastly, advancements in UPS systems leading to the development of transformer-less UPS, lithium-ion technology and modular UPS are expected to positively influence the market’s growth.

Source: UPS Market (Application – Data Centre & Facility UPS, Industrial UPS, Marine UPS, Network, Server & Storage UPS, PC, and Workstation & Home UPS; kVA Range – Less than 5 kVA, 5.1-20 kVA , 20.1-60 kVA , 60.1-200 kVA , and Above 200 kVA ) – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025

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Videos: ABB expands the 480V Conceptpower DPA 500 with an optimized 300kW solution

ABB expands its UPS offering to include an optimized modular 300kW solution for mid-sized data centers, server rooms and other IT infrastructure applications. The DPA 500 480V UL UPS delivers a reduction in floor space to nearly 20 percent while providing a 225-kilowatt per meter squared power density. This compact 300kW system allows for three 100kW module sets within each UPS cabinet; up to four cabinets can be configured in parallel for up to 1.2MW of clean reliable power.

Find out more in the videos below:

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Recommended reading: “ABB Review” with article about power protection with PCS120 MV UPS

2017 marks the introduction of ABB’s revolutionary ZISC technology – a next generation of medium voltage (MV) uninterruptible power supply(UPS) based on the PCS120 converter platform. The high-performance, flexible system expands ABB’s MV UPS Portfolio, supplying critical loadindustries with high-quality power, reliability and efficiency.

To find out more have a look at the 3/2017 ABB Review issue, page 47.

Download (PDF, 6.64MB)

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