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DCIM: Decathlon rebranded Ability Data Center Automation and offers many new features

With the launch oft the industry-leading digital solutions offering, ABB Ability™, also the new version of ABB’s DCIM solution Decathlon has been upgraded and rebranded ABB Ability Data Center Automation. DCIM tools allow drill-down to the most detailed levels available from … read more

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Report predicts: Modular UPS to Grow at Twice the Rate as Compared to Traditional UPS Systems

In a new report, the analysts of Frost & Sullivan predict, that the global modular UPS market is expected to grow at a high pace until 2020, almost twice as fast as the traditional UPS market. The growth rates are … read more

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DCIM study: Users can expect an ROI within three years of deployment

Datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) software is often described as one of the most powerful and productive technologies that can be applied in the modern datacenter. But the benefits are not always easily understood or measured. For these and other reasons, … read more

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How latest modular UPS technology boosts data center efficiency and flexibility

With the intensifying demand for space, power and cost containment in their facilities, today’s data center owners and operators have turned to modular designs to gain the flexibility and cost efficiencies they need. Modular UPS units have become popular as … read more

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Borrowing best practices to reduce human errors and outages

In a world that is always on, in which speed of service is expected and memory capacity is taken for granted, the “cost” of outages is rapidly rising for data center providers. According to the Uptime Institute’s Abnormal Incidents Reports … read more

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The data center industry is getting better at using power

With a 19% increase in the amount of electricity consumed globally by data centers between 2011 and 2012, there  was an increased focus on the data center industry from the media, public and government bodies, all concerned about its use … read more

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