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ABB Ability™ enhances power protection device monitoring

ABB provides intelligent UPS monitoring solutions that ensure the flow of clean power continues. Now, a step change in such monitoring is being made with the introduction of the ABB Ability cloud. read more

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UPS Trends in Small, Medium, and Large Data Centers

Large cloud and colocation providers are increasing sales of high-end UPSs as they continue to expand and build gigantic data centers. According to IHS Markit, the installed base of three-phase UPS systems with an output of more than 500 kVA … read more

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UPS today and tomorrow: What you need to know

According to experts, better batteries, modularity, and artificial intelligence are the most important innovations for future-proof UPS. read more

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Why UPS efficiency has improved so much over the past 10 years

The operators of data centers must ensure the highest possible efficiency and at the same time ensure the uninterrupted operation of your system. read more

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ABB launches new lithium-ion battery systems for ABB UPS solutions

ABB launches a lithium-ion battery system that perfectly suits a comprehensive range of ABB uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions.  read more

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How to Increase Data Center Reliability and Service Delivery through Training

The majority of data center outages are blamed on “human error” stemming from a lack of knowledge or procedural mistake. Inadequate training can lead to a situation where operators are unprepared to respond to an incident and mishandle it. A … read more

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