Why UPS efficiency has improved so much over the past 10 years

The operators of data centers must ensure the highest possible efficiency and at the same time ensure the uninterrupted operation of your system. An article on upspower.co.uk now examines UPS’s contribution to these requirements.

The result is clear: UPS efficiency has improved significantly over the last 10 years:

“According to UPSL findings, it has progressed from 94% 10 years ago to 96% today, with 97% being forecast.“

The reason is new, better technologies.

“[It] relates to the change from transformer-based to transformerless technology. Early UPS designs depended on a transformer to step up the inverter output voltage to a level compatible with the utility or generator supply. However, advances in power semiconductor technology and the appearance of the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) device have eliminated the need for a step-up transformer; this allows more efficient, smaller and lighter UPS designs.“

Find out more about the progress in UPS efficiency here.

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