Recommended reading: The Importance of Power Protection in the Food and Beverage Industry

In In a detailed interview, Bruce Bennett, Global Channel Manager, from ABB’s Power Conditioning team, talks to AZoM about why power protection is hugely important to the food and beverage industry.

Here is an excerpt:

“The physical consequences of power interruptions are obvious when they occur, but what really matters to the food and beverage business is the financial cost of power interruptions. The Pan-European Power Quality Survey concluded annual losses attributed to power quality issues may amount to 4% of the business turnover. For many, this loss runs to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars annually, but is mostly preventable!

Modern food and beverage manufacturers rely more than ever on technology based systems, machinery, and high speed continuous processes to reduce the time and cost of bringing goods to market, improving quality by reducing variability, while increasing specification and volume flexibility.

Disturbances on the power supply to this precision machinery can result in unscheduled interruptions that can be very costly in terms of lost material, production units, non-delivery, and hours spent clearing and cleaning to restart. Even a momentary interruption of a process that then requires addressing a possible contamination issue can be very expensive.”

AZoM | The Importance of Power Protection in the Food and Beverage Industry»

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