How to Increase Data Center Reliability and Service Delivery through Training

The majority of data center outages are blamed on “human error” stemming from a lack of knowledge or procedural mistake. Inadequate training can lead to a situation where operators are unprepared to respond to an incident and mishandle it. A robust training program drives reliability and predictable outcomes. A highly trained staff will also be equipped to maximize infrastructure utilization and can extend the life of your existing assets.

That’s where the Uptime Instute’s 18-page “How to Develop a Data Center Training Program” comes in. The useful guide helps data center facility managers and IT operations leaders build a data center training program, offers recommendations for materials a training program should cover, provides guidance on which personnel should be trained, and which skills are necessary.

For example, it also concludes that it should be a requirement to have staff that is fully knowledgeable in electrical theory (to include UPS and power distribution), code, practical wiring, advanced refrigeration theory, and mechanical code.

You can download the guide for free at Uptime Institute’s Website»   

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