Certified: ABB PowerLine DPA UPS is ideal solution for railway applications

ABB PowerLine DPA is now certified according to the European standard EN 50121 (“Railway applications. Electromagnetic compatibility“) and International standard IEC 62236 for fixed power supply installations and apparatus.

The series of standards EN 50121-x describes in detail the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for railway applications. IEC  62236-x is based on EN 50121 and is divided into five parts, with the same titles as the relevant parts of EN 50121.

With these certificates ABB PowerLine DPA is a proven UPS delivering quality electrical power from 20kVA to 120kVA for railway signaling and rail infrastructure throughout the world that might be subjected to rough conditions such dust, water condensation, excessive humidity (up to 95 percent), corrosive air contamination and rough manhandling. Its fail safe electrical and mechanical design make ABB PowerLine DPA ideal for railway applications.”


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