Keeping up with the Growing Demand of Data Centers – Interview with ABB’s Domagoj Talapko

In this interview for AZOMaterials, Domagoj Talapko, Business Development Manager MV UPS into data centers, from ABB Power Conditioning talks about ABB’s range of products that meet the new demand of this growing industry.

“Data centers are one of the best representations of critical infrastructure”, Domagoj says. “In today’s world, there are numerous challenges within the industry such as constant power increase, the need for flexibility and modularization, high efficiency and high levels of availability.”

With the quantity of data growing rapidly, data centers are demanding more and more power.

“ABB has the capability and resources to optimize entire electrical infrastructures and provide state of the art products and components, such as smart power distribution units, transformers and a whole range of protection and power conditioning systems. Through advanced programs during the design phase, ABB can recommend products and services that will enable the highest levels of efficiency and power quality and simultaneously keeping very high levels of availability.” Keeping up with the Growing Demand of Data Centers»

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