Out now: „Power“ magazine 04/2017

In this issue you will find not only the first editorial by Lara Cortinovis, new Global Product Group Manager Power Protection.

It also offers many exciting success stories: For example, ABB has just commissioned an advanced shore-to-ship power supply for vessels in the Nansha terminal in Guangzhou Port, China.

Also in China, ABB has provided a PCS100 AVC-40 active voltage conditioner for a leading dairy company to make sure their manufacturing process keeps running as smooth as milk.

And on the island of Malta, the new building of the Central Bank houses a data center as well. This includes a „cold aisle“ – an airflow configuration that conserves energy and lowers cooling costs. To ensure a continuous flow of clean power to the data center, ABB’s partner, VSS, installed two DPA UPScale 120 UPSs, each equipped with six slide-in power modules.

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