Recommended Reading: Top Considerations for Addressing Data Center Facilities Management Risks

Stephen Burgess, a consultant with Uptime Institute Professional Services Uptime Institute, has created the “Top Considerations for Addressing Data Center Facilities Management Risks” guide to help world-class IT organizations better understand and address the risks associated with data center facilities management in today’s high stakes technology landscape.

This publication containing 14 top considerations around designing and running an enterprise-grade data center facilities management program is available for download.

It discusses the topics:

  • Monitoring and Managing Staff Overtime
  • Managing a Critical Spares Inventory
  • essential for mission critical facilities such as data centers.
  • Maintaining a Reliable Diesel Fuel Supply
  • Developing Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs)
  • Regular Execution of Site Drills
  • Executing Against a Procedure-Based Control Methodology
  • Establishing a NFPA 70E Compliant Safety Program
  • Completing Short-Circuit Coordination Studies & Arc Flash Assessments
  • Implementing Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Preparing a Formalized Training Curriculum
  • Invoking Maintenance Program Best Practices
  • Enforcing Access Control & Vendor Supervision
  • Performing Regular Integrated and Key Systems Testing & Validation
  • Building & Integrating Robust Change Management Protocols

The guide is available for download here.

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