DCIM: Decathlon rebranded Ability Data Center Automation and offers many new features

With the launch oft the industry-leading digital solutions offering, ABB Ability™, also the new version of ABB’s DCIM solution Decathlon has been upgraded and rebranded ABB Ability Data Center Automation.

DCIM tools allow drill-down to the most detailed levels available from the sensors, from major levels like UPS input, output and batteries, and cabinet power strips, to deeper insight such as individual outlets, or even power used from inside computing hardware.

This new release of ABB’s DCIM solution comes with  many new features for even higher customer value, with new reports, equipment types and engineering tools that make configuring and deploying the product even more streamlined than ever before.
Among the many new features, the auto-aggregation capability allows values to be automatically calculated (aggregated) across layers of physical or virtual equipment. This means that power, thermal, IT, financial or any other data can be automatically calculated even as changes are made to the underlying infrastructure. Energy consumption can be automatically summed up across the whitespace floor. Minimum and maximum temperatures can be automatically collected even as new sensors are added.
Also included in this release is an integration of Intel Data Center Manager (DCM) which provides IT asset monitoring and management capabilities. It provides the ability from within ABB’s Data Center Automation environment to access both the power consumption and thermal information of a server to directly manage efficiency of servers, racks and groups of servers in the data center.

ABB’s Ability is made up of 180 products and services that cover power monitoring and management for diverse industries including data centers, offshore systems and manufacturing industries. It now has cloud monitoring abilities, and improved integration functions betwen modules.

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