ABB expands its modular UPS product offering for data centers in North America

ABB has expanded the Conceptpower DPA 500 480V UL offering to include an optimized modular 300kW UPS solution for mid-sized and large data centers, server rooms and other IT infrastructure applications.

Building on the true online, double conversion UPS design of the Conceptpower DPA 500, this compact 300kW system allows for three 100kW module sets within each UPS cabinet, up to four cabinets can be configured in parallel for up to 1.2MW of clean reliable power, adding more flexibility to the specific needs of the installation. Easy to deploy UPS module sets can be added to the system as power requirements grow, thus avoiding the need to over specify the initial design configuration.

“Market trends validate the modular approach to data center design and construction, enabling the right-sizing of infrastructure and reducing the initial capital investment towards meeting future needs,” said Laura Ortiz, UPS Product Manager in ABB’s Power Protection product group. “Conceptpower DPA UPS systems enable data centers to add capacity only when needed, allowing companies to operate in smaller footprints, hence saving on both capital and operational expenses.”

The Conceptpower DPA 500 boasts the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other UPS systems by offering high energy efficiency, scalability and an optimized modular design to enable easy front access only serviceability. A class-leading energy efficiency, with up to 96.5 percent, significantly reduces system running costs and cooling expenses. More importantly, the efficiency is optimized and significant savings are achievable under every working condition. The straightforward nature of the Conceptpower DPA simplifies every step of the deployment process, from planning through installation and commissioning to full use. Flexible setup, with top or bottom cable entry frames and fast maintenance mean lower operating and maintenance costs.

The Conceptpower DPA 500 is part of ABB’s broad range of products and integrated solutions that ensure data centers operate with optimum reliability and efficiency. From power distribution systems to enterprise management and grid connections, ABB provides savings in installation, energy, space and maintenance.

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  1. Impressive UPS efficiency ratings! Are ABB manufacturing these UPS in house?

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