How to choose an UPS for today’s and tomorrow’s demands

In an article published in the December 2016 edition of Inside Networks Alan Luscombe, director at Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd. discusses how data center managers can use the latest modular UPS topology to achieve the highest power availability and efficiency.

For many of today’s businesses going offline is not an option. High UPS availability is essential for delivering stable data center services to fulfill these needs. But increasing demand of data center power also puts pressure on the general availability of power.

Therefore facility managers are looking for UPS systems that offer the most efficient possible operation along with the highest availability that can be practically achieved. Luscombe: „Fortunately, evolution in UPS technology, particularly modular UPS solutions, enables implementations that can satisfy both these objectives.“

And further: „While data center and ICT facility operators remain under ever-increasing pressure to achieve near-perfect power availability and efficiency, modern UPS technology offers many tools to help them if it is deployed correctly. Availability can be maximised by using hot-swap modular topology in a redundant configuration. Newer technologies have raised UPS energy efficiency, and this efficiency can be further improved by using Eco Mode if site conditions and ICT equipment allow.“



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