Recommended reading: „Powering the railways with Reliable UPS“

Power disruptions in rail networks are not a mere inconvenience, they can also pose serious hazards to public health and safety. How ABB’s UPS help to make the rail networks both safe and prompt, is described in a recently published article at
It shows that ABB has a wide-ranging experience in developing, providing, and supporting specific and standard UPS solution for both underground and above-ground rail installations across the world.

In several examples, it is shown that ABB can offer a wide range of UPS systems that are used in rail networks and metro systems to ensure reliable, stable and continuous power for many different rail applications, including signaling, operational services,  operational control cetners, emergency lightning and more:

„Systems offering video surveillance, radio communications, fire protection, and emergency lighting are just a few of the safety-relevant, critical low-voltage loads demanding continuous power supply. ABB’s standard products are customized for such applications, with the advantages of a low cost of installation, maintenance and service and the highest availability and reliability. ABB’s power protection systems also provide support to passenger services, including lift systems, ticketing systems, information panels, lights and auxiliary services for rail personnel.“

Source: | Powering the railways with Reliable UPS»

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