The major trends shaping IT infrastructure delivery and strategy

The recently published sixth annual Uptime Institute Data Center Industry Survey provides an overview of the major trends shaping IT infrastructure delivery and strategy. It is largely focused on how enterprise IT and infrastructure is deployed and managed, both in enterprise-owned data centers and through off-premise computing models.

The results show that enterprise IT budgets are shrinking. This also has an impact on colocation providers, that had experienced a massive growth for the last five years, trying to keep up with the demand. But the forces shrinking enterprise IT deployments are now impacting the capital project cycle, even for colocation providers.

Matt Stansberry, Director of Content and Publications for the Uptime Institute and author of the report on the survey results, also provides a clear view on the status of efforts for better data center efficiency:

„In many cases, IT infrastructure teams are still relying on the least meaningful metrics to drive efficincy. The majority of IT departments are positioning total power consumption, LEED certifications, and total data center power usage as primary indications of efficient stewardship of environmental and corporate resources.

Infrastructure leaders should not co-opt the Corporate Sustainability departement to continue to perpetuate the fallacy that efficent computer room air conditioning is indicative of an efficient IT organization.“

If you are interested in more survey results, you can download the report on the Uptime Institute’s website.

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