Uniterruptible Power Supplies & Data Centers: Essential summer readings

Find here a selection of relevant on ABB, UPS and Data Center Efficiency.

Global Partner Summit 2016 “Partners in Power”

In the middle of June, around 100 guests from over 40 countries around the world assembled in Quartino, Switzerland for our 2016 Global Partner Summit. The event turned out to be a resounding success and it was the most visited partner summit we have had so far.

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5 Methods For Improving Data Center Efficiency

To support the growth of data consumption arising from voice, video, and data communications, data centers need to be added or expanded, overloading the power grid. Therefore, data centers designers are working on greener designs with minimum power consumption. This article on Electronic Design discusses five major tools that will help create more efficient data centers.

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The history of data centres

Today, data centres can be large and complex enough to influence the economy of the region hosting them. Data centres haven’t always been this big or dominant; their rise has reflected computing’s growth from a productivity-enhancing tool to an essential part of our working and social lives. This article provides an interesting overview of the growth of data centres from the early 1970’s to present day.

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Data center energy in Europe and the US is not growing as fast as was feared

Data centers are an energy intensive industry, but fears over the the energy have been overstated, according to latest figures.

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The June edition of ABB’s Power magazine is out now

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