White paper: The UPS’ role in the design of energy efficient data centers

For many years, UPS efficiency has been gradually improving but it has been the mechanical cooling systems that have attracted the most attention regarding energy-overhead reduction.

As the cooling systems have themselves improved, in some cases drastically, the focus on the design of energy efficient data centers has now returned to the power system.

A recently released white paper by Uninterruptible Power Supplys Ltd – A Kohler Company reviews the historical case, where design PUEs of >2.0 were not uncommon, and looks at the possibilities provided by scalable high-effiiency UPS products, and the maximum impact that especially modular UPS can make to the PUE as it progresses below 1.4.

It clearly shows how the latest UPS technology can make a significant contribution to ensuring your organisation is able to meet its carbon reduction commitments. The white paper is available for free at UPSL’s website.

The impact of UPS technology on the design of „green“ data centres»

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