Video: ‪ABB solves Volico Data Centers’ need for rightsizing and easy scalability‬

Volico Data Centers’ owner and director of operations, Gadi Hus, built his center with a pay-as-we-grow concept in mind. But when it came time to grow, it was a no-go because his UPS didn’t have the needed flexibility and scalability. That’s why Volico turned to ABB.

ABB’s new Conceptpower DPA 500 UPS provided the easy scalability and reliability needed to support his growth. “Many things played into the success of this project,” says Hus. “The ABB modular UPS gave me exactly what our data center needed to enable current and future expansions. At the end of the day, ABB provided the best solution to keep Volico up and running.”

Find out more about Conceptpower DPA 500 for Volico Data Centers in the following video:


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