News: ABB introduces a modular UPS for industrial applications up to 120 kVA

At Europe’s premier technology trade show Hanover fair, ABB launched the latest addition to its industrial power protection portfolio. PowerLine DPA is a new modular uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system for use in light industrial applications. The UPS covers power ranges from 20 kVA to 120 kVA and is designed for use in industrial settings affected by dust, moisture, contamination and varying temperatures.

The Powerline DPA employs ABB’s unique and proven decentralized parallel architecture (DPA). The modular nature of DPA delivers not only the best availability but also the best serviceability: modules can be swapped online, ie, removed or inserted without the need to power down or transfer to raw mains supply and without risk to the critical load. This aspect of modularity directly addresses continuous uptime requirements and simplifies system maintenance.

In rough industrial environments, survivability is an essential characteristic for a UPS. Powerline’s IP31-rated protection can easily cope with dust, water condensation, excessive humidity (up to 95 percent), corrosive air contamination and rough manhandling. The UPS is designed to operate in a temperature range of -5 to +45 C. High priority has been given to safety and the Powerline DPA features a high degree of protection for users and maintenance staff.

The Powerline DPA UPS has not only a small footprint but also cable access at the front (top and bottom), which eliminates the necessity for rear access and the associated extra space this entails.

The device has a high overload capacity and robust short-circuit capability. With rated powers of 20 to 120 kVA and input and output (three-phase) voltages in the range 220 to 415 VAC, the UPS requires no onerous electrical installation considerations and is straightforward to service.

Installation brackets that support easy installation, vibration dampers, IP22 cabinet protection, halogen-free cables and a black start capability are some of the Powerline’s other features designed specifically for deployment in demanding industrial situations.
The Powerline UPS can be supplied with relay boards and a network management card to allow environmental monitoring, extensive alarm handling and dispatching, redundant UPS monitoring, integration into multivendor and multiplatform environments and the supply of UPS data to Web applications.

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