Recommended reading from our library: „ABB life cycle services – Uninterruptible power supplies“

A secure energy supply is a foundation for success and continuity for many enterprises – be they industrial plants, offices, healthcare facilities, utilities or data centers. A power outage in some of these enterprises – such as a semiconductor plant or financial IT system – can be a very expensive business indeed, with costs sometimes running into the tens of millions of dollars.

This is why many businesses install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). However, to ensure the highest availability and faultless function of the UPS, it is essential to carry out regular and professional maintenance on the UPS and its ancillary systems. ABB has developed a comprehensive range of service technologies to keep its UPS products running smoothly over the entirety of their useful lives.

Life cycle management of an ABB UPS system is based on a model with four phases: Active, Classic, Limited and Obsolete. This model presents customers with a transparent procedure that enables them to plan their investments in UPS technology and ensures the highest availability and the faultless function of power. Infrastruct

To find out more we highly recommend this recently released white paper from our library:

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