DCIM study: Users can expect an ROI within three years of deployment

Datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) software is often described as one of the most powerful and productive technologies that can be applied in the modern datacenter.

But the benefits are not always easily understood or measured. For these and other reasons, it remains a controversial and underdeployed technology. To better understand the issues, 451 Research developed an ROI framework for DCIM software.

The key findings are:

  • DCIM is an enabling technology and a management approach. To realize its full value, new operational processes and cross-domain collaboration are critical.
  • All ROI studies are partial or inaccurate, owing to the many intangibles involved. However, the process of calculating an ROI is important to help identify the goals of and benefits from various types of DCIM.
  • In successful DCIM deployments, organizations typically have tackled specific goals with measurable outcomes.
  • Some of DCIM’s greatest benefits can be the most difficult to quantify. 451’s ROI study models the direct costs and benefis that can be relatively straightforward to calculate. Actual costs and benfits, in particular, may be higher.
  • Not all use cases for DCIM – taken in isolation – will deliver an ROI in the short term (one to three years). But when multiple use cases or benefis are exploited, most DCIM users can reasonably expect an ROI within three years of deployment.

Source: 541 Research | DCIM Software: Adventures in ROI»

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