Data center managers in search of the perfect UPS

“Data center managers long for the trifecta of perfect data center power: 100% available, noise-free, no UPS losses – and they’re getting closer”, Joergen Madsen, Director of Business Development for ABB Power Protection writes in an article at ABB Conversations.

“Data centers have traditionally been commissioned with a fully built-out power system, able to support its projected maximum load. However, that load usually isn’t reached for years. In the interim, the center operates with a wasteful, oversized power infrastructure.

UPS manufactures have responded with scalable, modular systems that enable rightsizing to the current load. Most of those systems are based on a legacy, centralized design that includes several single points of failure. The tradeoff of more scalability at the cost of lower reliability makes many center managers uncomfortable.

ABB recently launched a UPS that combines a high-efficiency topology – approaching 97%, comparable to other modern UPS systems – with a pay-as-you-grow, decentralized design that offers both high efficiency and scalability.”

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