A new name for Newave

When uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are discussed, the company name “Newave” is often mentioned. After all, Newave has been a pioneer in the world of UPS for over 20 years: Newave introduced the world’s first single-phase, transformerless stand-alone UPS, the PrimeWave; the first modular UPS, ideal for upscaling and providing a low cost of ownership; and the unique decentralized parallel architecture (DPATM) – featured in UPSs like the Conceptpower DPA 500.

Founded in Ticino, Switzerland in 1993 to market innovative UPS technology, Newave SA has had an illustrious history and its unprecedented success in the field of UPS attracted the attention of the ABB Group. ABB has a complementary portfolio that includes power conditioning and power switching products designed to solve power quality issues in all sorts of commercial and industrial applications. Based on the synergy between the two companies in the power protection business, ABB acquired Newave in early 2012.
As with any acquisition, integration was not an overnight event. Many business aspects needed to be aligned and this all took time. However, the alignment is now complete and as the final act of the integration, Newave SA will, as from 1 May, 2016, become known as ABB Power Protection SA. As far as customers are concerned, all the company representatives stay the same and there will be no change in any physical locations. It will be business as usual.

What will change is the breadth and scope of the solutions that can be offered: ABB Power Protection SA has access to a global team of local business units and channel partners – and an array of innovative power protection products so is well positioned for further growth in the global UPS and power protection market.

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