Use Case: Energy for the energy drink

HELL energy drinks is a market leader in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Azerbaijan, and available in a further 40 countries. The drinks are canned in the company’s plant in Szikszó, Hungary, where around 300 million cans of energy drink are produced annually.

The complex automation systems used in the beverage production process need to have an uninterrupted and stable source of electrical power. Unfortunately, supply voltage disturbances happened all too often, so ABB Hungary was called in to help to find a suitable solution.

With the support of the local partner MNT Kft, they carried out a very detailed analysis of the local power supply voltage conditions as well as the type of load connected. Based on the measurements, all actors involved proposed the supply of four ABB PowerWave 33 500 kW (2 × 2 × 500 kW) UPSs – with a bank of batteries providing an autonomy time of 5 minutes. (See here for more details on this project.)

This use case is an excellent example of the flexibility of ABB’s UPS solutions, which are mostly associated with data center projects. Renzo Salmina, Regional Sales Manager located in the head office and factory in Switzerland, noted that this „is a perfect example of synergy between the local ABB business unit, our local channel partners MNT and the ABB factory in Switzerland. You could say that this project for Hell was heavenly.”

Download: A heavenly UPS project for HELL – Energy for the energy drink»

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