In the news: ABB launches UL version of its modular UPS for US market

DatacenterDynamics recently published an article about the launch of the 480V UL version of Conceptpower DPA 500 for the US market.

The Conceptpower DPA 500 is an online, double conversion modular UPS that scales to provide up to 3 MW of clean, reliable power. Now a version which complies with Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) standards makes this product available to a wider market.

Underwriters Laboratories, founded in 1894, is a US safety certification organization, whose requirements are seen as more rigorous than the IEC specifications which hold sway in most of the rest of the world. By adding UL compliance, ABB can brings its products to the North American markets after fifteen years providing them in Europe and Asia Pacific.

“ABB is making a concerted effort to expand its overall portfolio for our customers and partners in North America,” said Hans Pfitzer, vice president of engineering and product management in ABB’s power protection product group. ”Expanding the Conceptpower DPA 500 platform to support UL standards and voltages strategically positions ABB to provide our data center customers with a complete portfolio of power quality products.”

DatacenterDynamics: ABB launches UL version of its modular UPS for US market»

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