How latest modular UPS technology boosts data center efficiency and flexibility

With the intensifying demand for space, power and cost containment in their facilities, today’s data center owners and operators have turned to modular designs to gain the flexibility and cost efficiencies they need.

Modular UPS units have become popular as a way to limit interruption of operations for maintenance or replacement. Modular UPS recently has taken a big leap forward with the development of decentralized parallel architecture (DPA) that eliminates single points of failure and downtime during maintenance while significantly easing installation.

“The modular UPS streamlines and simplifies installation, maximizing reliability and availability while minimizing total cost of ownership,” says Elina Hermunen, global head of marketing for ABB’s UPS business, in the current issue of ABB’s power magazine. “It makes the system easier to manage and also allows for different architectures inside one data center with various levels of security, as you may find with colocation centers.”

As for now, modularity is becoming the standard for UPS, largely because of its ability to dramatically slash the cost of one of the data center’s maintenance and service.

Read more about our modular concepts and learn about predictions on the next evolutionary steps for UPS capabilities in the current issue of power.

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