ABB launches new, parallelable version of DPA UPScale ST uninterruptible power supply aimed at applications up to 400 kW

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has now launched series 2 of its highly successful DPA UPScale ST uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This new product benefits from a proven modular Decentralized Parallel Architecture that makes it easy to upsize the installed UPS as power requirements grow and to configure systems in parallel to reach a total power capacity of 400 kW.

Following on from the success of the DPA UPScale ST series 1 – one of ABB’s biggest selling UPSs ever – ABB has now introduced DPA UPScale ST UPS series 2. The new UPS is an all-in-one solution that includes the frame, UPS, battery and communications. The UPS design is based on a Decentralized Parallel Architecture (DPATM) that delivers unprecedented reliability, availability, low total cost of ownership, and simple service and maintenance.

Models range from the DPA UPScale ST 40 – able to deliver up to 160 kW – to the ST 200, which can have a maximum of 10 modules in each of two frames, supplying a total of 400 kW. The modular approach makes it easy to configure UPS sizes from 10 to 400 kW in steps of 10 or 20 kW. This power range is not only ideal for a variety of small- to medium-sized system architectures such as IT infrastructures but also covers the size range needed by many critical applications, such as building management systems.

Because DPA allows modules to be added as power needs grow, there is no need to overspecify the original configuration. This reduces capital outlay. Maintenance and service are easy as modules can simply be hot-swapped. These features all lead to a low cost of ownership.

As well as providing a fully scalable and easily maintained UPS with unparalleled uptime and energy efficiency, the DPA UPScale ST also delivers clean backup power to the electronic devices that monitor and control infrastructure, thus preventing loss of data or damage to equipment.

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