What are the current trends for investments in data centers?

451 Research’s “Voice of the Enterprise (VotE) Datacenters” latest quarterly survey on data center trends indicates that, despite increased investment in cloud and colocation providers, 87% of data center operators surveyed from North America and Europe are maintaining or increasing their data center facility spending, with 25% expecting to increase spending over the next 90 days.

Other key findings of the survey with participants in in Europe and USA include:

  • The primary targets for this increased spending are rack and cabling, power equipment and data center infrastructure management software (DCIM).
  • Organizations continue to consolidate their local data centers and server rooms in favor of a more centralized model supplemented by colocation and cloud resources. Over the next two years, most organizations expect to close many of their smaller local data centers and server rooms, indicating a continued trend toward fewer overall data center sites.
  • The number of premium, centralized data centers – targets for data center consolidation and migration projects – is increasing.  While there will be more, larger sites, the total overall data center square footage owned by enterprises is flat worldwide. Of those organizations increasing spending, 37% are doing so to support data center retrofits or upgrade projects. Existing data centers will need to be upgraded, considering 62% of organizations would rather consolidate their IT infrastructure than build a new data center.

451 Research: Q2 2015: Voice of the Enterprise Datacenters, Quarterly Survey Results and Analysis»


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