Powering the Cloud: Changes in the data center industry

The cloud is triggering massive change in the IT landscape. This offers a unique opportunity to companies who are able to supply the ultra-reliable and flexible uninterruptible power systems needed by the cloud infrastructure, writes Elina Hermunen, Head of Marketing and Product Management, ABB DMPC, PG Power Protection, in a recently released article:

“For the data center operator – and user – availability is key. And the ultimate guarantor of availability is power protection. This puts the UPS, as the chief mainstay of power protection, into center stage.

Apart from availability, costs and margins are also of primary importance. For the data center operator, running costs need to be stable and predictable, power usage effectiveness (PUE) has to be under control and optimized, and maintenance costs known and scheduled. As far as capex is concerned, flexibility is key: upfront investments should be minimized, but infrastructure should be scalable so that future expansion can be easily accommodated. Due to the segmentation described above, equipment must be able to be deployed in sections, segments or individual modules. So-called core and pod architectures are already gaining traction. Here, the best gear configuration for a particular customer is contained in a pod and connected to the network core that distributes data and network traffic to customers. Currently, the best UPS design that satisfies not only these opex and capex criteria, but also availability and total cost of ownership challenges, is decentralized parallel architecture (DPA).”

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